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WAt Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram
ROYAL WAT : First Class

WAt Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram (Wat Ben) , the Marble Temples, in located near Government House and the Equestrian Statue of King Rama IV. It is an old temple during from the Ayutthaya Period and was originally names Wat Laem or Wat Saithong. During the reign of King Rama IV, the temple was restored by five princes and renamed Wat Bejamabopit (five princes). In 1899 , King Rama V had the temple completely rebuilt and bestowed upon it the name Wat Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram , meaning the Temple of the Fifth King. He placed Prince Narissaranuwattiwong, the nation's chief architect, in change of the design and construction.

The name Marble Temple derives from the phra ubosot , which is square and completely covered with white marble . In it is enshrined a reproduction of the Phra Buddhachinarat image, which King Rama V had copied from the original in Phitsanulok Province.

In the cloister extending from the north, around the west, to the south of the phra ubosot , there are 52 Buddha images of various styles and periods.

In the monastic residence area is a royal ordination hall, which was reconstructed there after having been moved from the Grand Palace. It was in this King Rama V lived when he entered the monkhood. The murals in this building are of historical interest, showing courtly customs and traditions during the reigns of King Rama IV and Rama V.

Phra Buddhachinarat image

Phra Ubosot

Detail Wat
WAt Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram (Wat Ben)
Nakhonpathom Road, Dusit, Bangkok
Most Important : ROYAL WAT : First Class
Nikaya : Maha Nikaya
Website : http://www.watbencha.com/
ข้อมูลภาษาไทย : ข้อมูลภาษาไทย

Wat in Thailand

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