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Wat Boromniwas
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Wat Boromniwas ( Wat Borom ) is near the Bo Bae Market. It was called originally Wat Nok. King Rama IV ordered the construction of this temple while he was still a monk. It was intended to be a forest temple ( Aranyawasee ) companion to Wat Bowornniwet Vihara, which was intended to be the community temple ( Khamawasee ). King Rama V ordered the temple to be renovated and renamed it Wat Boromniwas.

Of importance is the Phra Tosapholayarn, a Buddha image in the marn vichai pose that is installed as the presiding image in the phra ubosot. In the phra ubosot there are unusual murals that were painted by Khrua In Khong, the leading artist of the reign, depicting landscapes and people drawn in the Western style, similar to those found at Wat Bowornniwet Vihara. Between the windows there are scenes depicting activities of Buddhist laymen and monk, such as the ordination ceremony, presentation of robes for the monkhood, observing the precepts during Buddhist Lent, the Loy Krathong festival, Ka1pxa robe presentation and offer picked-up robed, and making merit on the feasts of Magha Puja and Visakha Puja. Above the windows there are scenes in which the people are all Europeans and include scenes of a train and stargazing with a telescope.

Also of interest are the monks' residences and the entrance arch, which are in the European style, the work of craftsmen in the reign of King Rama V.

Detail Wat
Wat Boromniwas
Bo Bae Market, Bangkok
Most Important : PEOPLE WAT, Phra Tosapholayarn
Nikaya : Dhammayut Tika Nikaya
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Wat in Thailand

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