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Wat Chinorasaram Woravihara
ROYAL WAT : Third class

Wat Chinorasaram Woravihara ( Wat Chinoros ) is located on the bank of the Morn Canal on Isaraphap Road opposite the Naval Docks. The princely monk, Somdej Phra Maha Somanachao Krom Phra Poramanuchit Chinoros ordered the construction of the temple in approximately 1836.

King Rama IV ordered the artisans to sculpt and draw pictures of the naga, or mythical serpent, in many places as a reminder of the prince's former name, which was , Prince Wasukri. He also had a crown sculpted that was placed above the frame behind the presiding Buddha image in the phra ubosot.

The phra ubosot of Wat Chinorasaram Woravihara displays artistic styles of the Third Reign. Decorative roof tiles, the chofa, bai raka gable apex ornaments, the gable decorated with plaster plants and flowers and half figures a deity with folded hands in the center, and decorated with gold leaf on pieces of glass. The door and window frames bear kanok designs in gilded plaster studded with glass. The interior door and window panels are decorated with haw or toh chin, patterns. The exteriors are decorated with lai rod nam pattern with nagas flying in the clouds. The exterior of the central door depicts Siew kang holding a fan and treading on a naga. The ceiling is painted red and decorated with naga fretwork and covered with gold leaf.

The murals in the phra ubosot differ from those found elsewhere. For example in front of the presiding Buddha image at the level of the windows, there are maps of Wat Chinoros, the canal, river and the Grand Palace and elsewhere are depictions of various temples.

Sadly, however, the murals and patterns have for the most part deteriorated badly.

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Wat Chinorasaram Woravihara
Bankoknoi, Bangkok
Most Important : ROYAL WAT : Third class
Nikaya : Mahanikaya
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Wat in Thailand

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