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Wat Pathumwanaram Rajaworavihara ( Wat Srapathum )

Wat Pathumwanaram Rajaworavihara ( Wat Srapathum ) is located on Rama I Road, between the World Trade Center and Siam Square. The temple was constructed at the same time as Srapathum Palace, which was built as a country residence . King Rama IV ordered the construction of the temple as a gift for Queen Thepsirin. Monks of the Dhammayutika sect from Wat Bowornniwet Vihara were invited to reside at the temple and the would sometimes board boats in the temple pond to receive alms from the King and his wives.

The door and windows shutters of the phra ubosot are decorated with plaster figures depicting farmers plowing their fields or fishing in the lotus ponds , which were common feature of life at that time.

The phra vihara of Wat Pathumwanaram houses important images that were brought from Vientiane, namely , the Phra Serm and Phra Saen. This harmonizes with the murals depicting scenes from the humorous and witty stories of Sri Thanonchai, or Chiang Mieng, which were popular among the Thais and Laos. The murals in the phra vihara were the work of artists of the Fourth Reign and shoe clear Wstern influence. One scene of interest shows a metal bridge on wheels that can be pulled aside to allow boats to pass. Such bridges are no longer in existence.

In 1926 Phra Srisawarinthra Borom Rajathevee the Royal Grandmother, built the Pali Studies School, which later became the repository of the remains of Somdej Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadejvikrom. The father of King Rama IX.

Detail Wat
Wat Pathumwanaram Rajaworavihara
Pathumwan, Bangkok
Most Important : Royal Wat : Third Class
Nikaya : Dhammayut
Website : -
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