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Wat Rajabopit Sathitmahasimaram Rajaworavihara
ROYAL WAT : First Class - Wat for King Rama V

Wat Rajabopit Sathitmahasimaram Rajaworavihara ( Wat Rajabopit ) is situated between Fuang Nakhon Road and Usadang Road ( Khlong Ku Muang Derm Road ), near the Ministry of Interior. King Rama V ordered its construction in 1969.

The phra ubosot, phra chedi and phra vihara have curving walls that are covered with beautiful glazed colored tiles. The doors to the phra ubosot and phra vihara are inlaid with mother of pearl, the work of master craftsmen.

In the temple there are eight stone pillars each surmounted with a covering of the Buddhist Wheel of Law (Dhammachak), one of each of the eight directions, hence the name "Mahasimaram" (Great Boundary Pillars). On the gate shutters of the temple are carved soldier of the Corps of Royal Pages attired in European - style uniforms instead of traditional dresses. On the entering of temple compound of the front entrance the phra ubosot, phra chedi and phra vihara can be seen raised above ground level on a platform.

The exterior of the phra ubosot is constructed in the Thai style. Inside the design is partly European and partly Thai. It was decorated by M.C. Prawit Chumsai. On the gable there is carving of a seven - headed elephant holding up a tray containing a royal seal. The doors are inlaid with mother of pearl design depicting the various royal decorations, the craftsmenship of Prince Thiwakornwongprawat.

With in temple ground on the Usdang Road side there is a royal cemetery which was ordered constructed by King Rama V to make merit for his mother, wives, sons and daughters. It consists of several repositories for royal remains in the form of chedi, prang, and European - style building. These are set in a small garden, which is open to the public.

Detail Wat
Wat Rajabopit Sathitmahasimaram Rajaworavihara
Foeng Nakhon Road, Rajabopit, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Most Important : ROYAL WAT : First Class - Wat for King Rama V
Nikaya : Dhammayut
Website : http://www.watrajabopit.com/
ข้อมูลภาษาไทย : ข้อมูลภาษาไทย

Wat in Thailand

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